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When looking to book adult entertainment for your upcoming event look no further than Busty Bunny Entertainment. Our lineup of female and male adult entertainers, including award-winning performers with years of experience, will certainly arouse your interest. Hop on to our price list to see all the services we provide. If you have any questions regarding anything don't hesitate to call for a friendly chat.

Services for Bucks Parties and Other Gentleman Events


Guys, Busty Bunny Entertainment is home to the hottest female strippers in Perth and the surrounding area. Be assured that our skimpy, topless and nude waitresses and showgirls will bring their A-game to your party! We have a stunning lineup of entertainers who run the entire spectrum from typical Aussie “gal next door” to exotic Mediterranean stunners. From bucks nights, to sporting events, poker nights, boat parties and everything else you can think of we have you covered.

And Busty Bunny Entertainments ladies do not leave their personalities and professionalism at home. Some exude a charm with perfectly engaging banter, others will delight you and your guests with cute, sweet, and bubbly flirtiness.

Services for Hen Nights and Other Ladies Parties


We certainly do not want to leave the ladies out. They deserve to be treated a little cheekiness at their party as well. If you need to hire male strippers or waiter in Perth to service your hen night or another all-girl extravaganza, Busty Bunny Entertainment has a lineup of hard, strong men waiting to make your day.

Check out our lineup today to see which one of our gents strikes your fancy.

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