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Busty Bunny Entertainment

Terms & Conditions

  1. Defined Terms

The following terms are defined in these BBE Terms and Conditions as follows:

  • Additional and Exceptional Prices – All prices and expenses which are specified as such in the corresponding clause in these Terms and Conditions.

  • Attendees - All people invited to, attending or present at Your function.

  • Distant Locations – Any location that in excess of a 15 kilometer radius of the Perth central business district.

  • Entertainment – The adult entertainment services provided by a Performer as booked through Us.

  • Event – An event, being the whole of the Services provided to You in one booking through Us, at which a Performer performs Entertainment.

  • Overtime – Any time which exceeds the time booked by You through Us for the Services of a Performer.

  • Payment – Any money paid by You to Us or a Performer for the performance of Services booked through Us.

  • Performance

  • Performer - Male and female performers engaged through Us, including but not limited to male and female promotional performers, waiters, waitresses, dancers, strip artists and corporate entertainers.

  • Price and Pricing – The price advertised or quoted by Us for the performance of Services by a Performer.

  • Services – The services provided by a Performer at a Performance or Event booked through Us.

  • Us, We, Our – BBE or any related entity of BBE.

  • Website – or any substitute website address from time to time.

  • You, Your – You, the customer, and includes Attendees.


  1. General

  • When placing a booking with Us, You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions outlined on this Website, and You agree to inform (and impress upon) all Attendees of the same. This is extremely important for You, and also for the interests and safety of Our Performers.


  • For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a reference to “You” includes a reference to the Attendees.


  1. Entertainment Pricing Terms & Conditions

We disclose all of our pricing matters up front, so that you are ensured that Our desire is never to charge You for fees that You have not consented to incur. Please if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.




  1. Entertainment Pricing

Our Entertainment Pricing guides are specified within each Entertainment category and are subject to all other terms and conditions on this Website as published from time to time.


Pricing will always depend on Your specific requirements and any diversion from that which We have advertised on this Website (or elsewhere) will be quoted by Us to You upon Your request for those Services. Once quoted, the Price for Your Event or Performance will be the Price payable by You, subject to these Terms and Conditions.


…Start your adventure…


  1. Topless Waitresses, Waiters and Promotional Entertainers

  • Promotional Performers (Girls & Guys) – $50-55 per hour

Give your campaign the attention it deserves with our professional team of promo models.


  1. Male Waiters – Minimum 2 Hour Booking

  • Male Waiter (Suit) – $80-90 per Hour

You’ve never had service like this. Allow our boys to show you how sexy high class can be.


  • Topless Waiter (Long Pants) – $100-120 per Hour

Catering to your needs, these tanned and toned topless waiters are serious eye candy


  • Topless Waiter (G String) – $120-150 per Hour

When you book our G-string topless waiters, you really get the whole


  1. Female Waitresses – Minimum 2 Hour Booking

  • Bikini/Lingerie Waitress – $100-140 per Hour

Perfect for any event, these babes are serious crowd pleasers with excellent service.


  • Topless Waitress – $130-170 per Hour

Always professional and insanely gorgeous, these stunners will keep all of your guests happy.


  • Topless Poker Dealers – $130-170 per Hour

Enjoy the challenge of these professional dealers who will make you smile even if you lose!


  • Nude Waitress – $230-280 per Hour

Get served in style with our sexy girls that have the hottest uniform you’ve ever seen.


  1. Male Strippers

  • G-String – $400-440 (15 minutes)

Our boys know how to entertain and they’ll show you with this hilarious and exciting performance.


  • Full Monty Show – $500-550 (20 minutes)

Turn up the heat with a sexy strip show that starts in a themed costume and ends on the floor!


  1. Female Strippers

  • G-String Strip Show – $350-400 (15 – 20 minutes)

For the more reserved audience, this sexy striptease has a sweet theme that will make you smile!


  • R-Rated Strip Show – $400-440 (15 – 20 minutes)

Playful and seductive, this show is the perfect addition to any bucks night.


  • R-Rated Bath Show– $450-500(15 – 20 minutes)

Enjoy a seductive full nude strip that ends in a portable tub for a soapy wash.


  • X-Rated – $500-550 (25-30 Minutes)

Get ready to sweat with this show that includes dildos, pearls, vibrators and more!


  • X-Rated Bath Show – $550-650

After one gorgeous girl plays with her toys, a friend comes to join her in the bath for a rub down.


  • Deluxe Show – $650-750

This wild XXX show will introduce you to toys you’ve probably never heard of!


  • Specialty Show – POA

On your special day, you should get what you want – so why not ask? Our girls do it all.


  • Strawberries and Cream – Extra $50-55

Satisfy your craving for something sticky sweet with this unique strip show.


  1. Bucks Parties & Cruises, Hen’s Nights and other Specialty & Party Packages

Please contact Us directly for a quote for our Buck’s Parties & Cruises, Hen’s Nights and other Specialty & Party Packages.






  1. Travel, Additional & Exceptional Pricing


  1. Travel Pricing

High quality adult entertainment, tailored to Your requirements, is Our priority. We pride ourselves in Our flexibility to Our approach to the Services We offer, and Our transparency in Pricing and Payment terms. Our flexible approach also means that We strive to deliver entertainment to as many locations as is reasonably possible. However, with this in mind, We may need to apply additional Prices where extensive travel or overnight accommodation is required to enable Us to deliver You the same standard of Service. We will discuss this with You prior to You confirming Your booking with Us so that there are no unexpected fees for You in this regard.


Whilst much of Our Pricing is quoted per hour of Service, certain Events or Performances may require a booking with a minimum number of hours of Service or a minimum number of Performances. This ensures that Our Performers are suitably remunerated for extensive travel and the hours of unpaid Service they inevitably incur to be able to make Your Event or Performance of the highest quality.


On the basis of the above disclosure, Our Travel Pricing structure is as follows:


  • If Performers are required to travel by car to a Distant Location for Entertainment requested by You, the following Travel Prices must be paid by You:


  • Car – On most occasions a Performer will have to drive to the location of your Event, Travel costs are calculated at 50c per Km as part of the booking. This cost is depending predominantly on distance from central regions of the state Cities and will be discussed with You by Us at the time of making a booking.


  • Airplane - If Performers are required to travel by airplane to a Distant Location for Entertainment requested by You, bookings for that airplane travel must be made through Us and paid for in full and in advance by You. We will provide You with a quote for air flights before You confirm Your booking with Us. We will aim to book the cheapest, yet reasonably suitable airplane tickets for Our Performers servicing Distant Locations.

  • Accommodation - If Performers require accommodation in a Distant Location for Entertainment requested by You, bookings for that accommodation must be made through Us and paid for in full and in advance by You. We will provide You with a quote for accommodation before You confirm Your booking with Us. We will aim to book the cheapest, yet reasonably suitable accommodation for Our Performers servicing Distant Locations. In the event of accommodation being supplied, the accommodation for performers must be separate from all locations with persons associated to the event.

  • Travel time - Travel time to Distant Locations will be included as part of the Price You will pay for your Entertainment. Travel time will be based on the average travel time to the relevant Distant Location and will not include additional time whatsoever other than if You request any diversion in the direct travel to Your Distant Location, in which case You will be required to pay for the additional time costs.


  1. Additional & Exceptional Pricing




  1. Payment & Booking Terms & Conditions

    1. GST

  • All prices quoted by Us exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST). The relevant GST margin will be added to all prices quoted by us, and a tax invoice provided to You upon payment.


  1. Payment & Booking

  • Bookings and Payments (including Deposits) may be made by telephone or by electronic bank transfer (please contact Us for the relevant details).


  • The balance Payment is to be paid to the Performer by You PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT (NOT END) of the Performance or Event. This is solely for insurance purposes.


  1. Deposit

  • You must pay a Deposit before Your booking can be confirmed.

  • The Deposit will be $10 per Hour Per entertainer for all waitress / waiter / poker dealer services. All shows will incur a deposit of $50 per show / per booking. (excluding Travel and/or Additional and/or Exceptional Expenses).


  1. Location Costs

  • Where not specified, Prices are for Performances within the Perth Metropolitan Area (being within a radius closer than a Distant Location).


  • Prices and Expenses incurred for Entertainment provided to Distant Locations, or other Additional and/or Exceptional Expenses incurred whatsoever, will apply in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, any other terms and conditions provided on this Website or at Our discretion.


  1. Overtime

  • Where Overtime (eg including, but not limited to, overtime requests, boat delays, etc) is incurred by a Performer, the additional costs incurred are payable by You.


  1. Alterations

  • Any alterations made to the length, timing or other aspects of the Performance or Event which are made on the day/night of that Performance or Event may be made between You and BBE or between You and the Performer, as appropriate.


  1. Cancellations by Us

  • If You cancel Your booking with Us less than 7 days before a Performance or Event, You will not receive a refund of the Deposit You paid to Us.


  1. Refunds & Part-Refunds


You will be refunded as follows in the corresponding situations:


  • For “No-Show” of a Performer – You will be entitled to a FULL REFUND of Your Deposit if Your Performer does not turn up to Your Performance or Event.


  • For “Late Arrival” of a Performer – If a Performer is more than 1 hour late to a scheduled Performance or Event, without any prior notice, You will be entitled to cancel that Performance or Event and You will be entitled to a FULL REFUND of Your Deposit. If Your Performer arrives more than 20 minutes late, You will be entitled to shorten the Performance or Event by the amount of time that the Performer is late, and You will only be required to pay the Performer for the time that they are able to perform.


  • We are not liable to You for the refund of any Payments made in cash by You to a Performer at Your Performance or Event. This is strictly between You and the Performer.





  1. General Terms & Conditions


Your responsibilities include the following:


  1. Age & Gender Restrictions

  • No person under the age of 18 years is to be present during a Performance or Event. 


  • The Performer may refuse to Perform if the Attendees are of mixed gender.  Please inform Us if there will be both men and women present at Your Performance or Event, so that We can provide the most appropriate Performer for Your Performance or Event in those circumstances.


  1. RESPECT - No Escorts, No Sexual Requests, No Harassment

  • We are an entertainment agency, which provides a variety of adult entertainment by male and female performers, including but not limited to male and female promotional performers, waiters, waitresses, dancers, strip artists and corporate entertainers. 


  • Our Performers are NOT escorts and they will NOT carry out one-on-one bookings.


  • DO NOT ask Our Performers for their private contact details or request any sexual services AT ANY TIME.


  • Any sexual request, intimidation or advance of ANY KIND towards one of Our Performers (male or female) will result in the Performance or Event being cancelled IMMEDIATELY, WITH NO REFUND TO YOU whatsoever, such decision being at the sole discretion of the Performer at all times.


  • You and all Invitees must behave in a respectful manner towards Performers at all times. Disrespecting our Performers will NOT be tolerated by Us or the Performer at any time. If a Performer is harassed, degraded, insulted, pressured, intimidated, made to feel uncomfortable, assaulted, if profanities or insults are yelled at them, if objects are thrown at them or any other behavior of the like is displayed by You, the Performer reserves all rights to cancel the Performance or Event at any time at their sole discretion.


  • You CANNOT touch a Performer, UNLESS you are invited to do so. If a Performer chooses to use audience participation through their Performance or Event, You may ONLY touch the Performer strictly as directed by that Performer. If You show inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, touching, fondling or groping, the Performer reserves all rights to cancel the Performance or Event, at any time at their sole discretion.


  • If You fail to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions contained in this section specifically (but without limiting Our right to do so in other circumstances), and the Performance or Event is cancelled for that reason, the Performer may leave Your venue at any time at their sole discretion and You will NOT receive a refund of any of Your payment for that Performance or Event. Please make sure You understand the seriousness of these Terms and Conditions and that FURTHER ACTION MAY BE TAKEN at and by the laws in place in Western Australia at the relevant time if any of these Terms and Conditions are breached.


  1. Security

  • If a Performer is accompanied by personal security, YOU MUST NOT refuse the attendance at Your venue of that security person.


  • The security person will abide by and act in accordance with the relevant laws in place in Western Australia at the relevant time.


  • If the Performance or Event is intended to be a surprise, please be aware that the Performer may not arrive in full costume, and will require a safe, private and separate room to change into that costume. If you would like the Performer to arrive in full costume, please let Us or the Performer know.


  1. Performance Environment

  • Our Performers will not perform in the outdoors, on grass or on sand.


  • Our Performers will not perform in open air venues or in public places. 


  • Please provide a covered, clean and flat area for Your Performer to provide Your Entertainment.


  1. No Un-authorised Images


  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you authorized to use any images or content from Our Website, or to make any claims on behalf of us in any promotional material whatsoever, without Our prior written consent, which may be given at Our sole discretion at all times. Your use of any unauthorized images or content, or any claims made by You, will result in the CANCELLATION OF ALL BOOKING SERVICES TO YOU, WITH NO REFUND BEING PROVIDED TO YOU. 


  • Cameras, videos and mobile phones MUST NOT BE USED during Performances and our Performers or their security will employ any means they deem appropriate or necessary to destroy any images taken or to prevent the same from being done.  You may request permission from a Performer to conduct such recording, however the Performer reserves all rights to accept or refuse Your request, or accept Your request on whatever conditions the Performer may impose. If Your request is declined, You must respect that decision - Our Performers have families and reputations beyond the adult entertainment industry and they contract to perform STRICTLY & ONLY on these Terms and Conditions.


Our responsibilities include the following:


  1. Replacement Performers

  • Due to last minute changes, cancellations, illness and other extenuating circumstances, We may replace or substitute a Performer specifically selected by You for Your Performance or Event. We do not take these decisions lightly and will use our best endeavors to satisfy Your request and accommodate your preferences. If such a replacement or substitute Performer is required, we will inform You of this as soon as the decision is made.


  1. No Liability

  • We only engage the services of Performers as independent contractors.  We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury caused to You by any Performer provided to You. All such matters are to be resolved or dealt with solely between You and the Performer.


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